GZA (du Wu Tang Clan) rape le big bang


Before space and time thought pro­du­ced a speck of light
It was infi­ni­te­ly hot, so extre­me­ly bright
Within the centre of this great shi­ning
there was mas­sive ener­gy and it was expan­ding in great timing
Within this fire­ball was all of space
Of eve­ry spe­cial place for infor­ma­tion it enca­sed
Lite­ral­ly a begin­ning this cos­mic clock was ticking
And allo­wed space to flow while it was spin­ning
Eve­ry­thing we see around us
The sun, the moon, the stars, the mil­lions of worlds that astound us
The uni­verse inside is hard to fathom
It was com­po­sed in a region small as a single atom
Less than one short width the size of a point of a pen
Micro­sco­pic but on a macro level within
Unfur­ling this swir­ling cloud of light
A star city, a galaxy with all its might
Within the blin­king of an eye, expan­ding beyond com­pre­hen­sion
Within the frac­tion of a second, a new dimen­sion
At a marble size, very uns­table
In time it will come with a per­io­dic table

Space, was expan­ding fas­ter than light speed
It moving at the rate only thought can­not see
A pico­se­cond after the big bang
Music of the spheres
Before the ears
The uni­verse is now sang
Small enough to fit in your hand a nano­se­cond later
It was the size of Mars and beco­ming grea­ter
A frac­tion of a second later, 80 times the size of Earth
Fas­test gro­wing infant since the time of birth
Still expan­ding but it didn’t contain mat­ter
Just pure ener­gy that was mixing within the bat­ter

But mass and ener­gy inter­chan­geable
Convert those par­ticles, rear­ran­geable
Mat­ter and anti-mat­ter (the arch rival)
Met, obli­te­ra­ted each other for sur­vi­val
A war­zone, a bat­tle to the death
But as long as there is life and breath there is one remai­ning left

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